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Terramirra Park has both herds of Red and Fallow deer. The Red deer herd (Cervus elephus) is based on Warnham and Woburn genetics with most deer being able to trace their lineage back to our foundation stag Green 123, an imported stag of Warnham heritage who is Ramses son from the Stamfield Park stud of Clive Jermy in New Zealand. Much of the foundation stock was imported from New Zealand. Green 123 was a stag whose growth rate, antler size and conformation proved to be highly heritable. His sons and grandsons form the basis of our velvet herd, and his size and antler characteristics gives our herd superior performance. The Fallow deer (Dama dama) have been bred for performance with imported genetics from the best fallow herds in Europe including Gyulaj Park in Hungary. Terramirra Park still owns frozen semen for future genetic improvement, which no longer available due to import regulations.
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red deer
fallow deer
A fallow doe being laproscopically inseminated by our veterinary surgeon using semen from “Gulio”. An extract of the semen companies’ brochure appears below. Our Hungarian fallow are world class.
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